consulting services in trivandrum

If you are thinking in terms of renovating your home or office, Gazella Interiors has the Interior design is both science and art. The magic formula for creating remarkable interiors is combining refined taste with material science. We have the expertise and experience to convert ordinary spaces into impeccable interiors.

Your homes should reflect your personality, your aesthetic sense, and your tastes. You may get inspired by the interior designs you find online, in magazines, and the homes and offices you visit, but the real challenge is converting the ideas into reality. This is when Gazella’s interior consulting services will be of help to you. Our specialists will give you the best advice on the right colours, finishes, and textiles which would tie your space together and create the specific mood you are looking for. We will also guide you on materials, flooring, hardware, paint options, tiles, and architectural elements to be employed to achieve the best outcomes.

On-site Interior Design Consulting It all starts with you submitting a request or making a call for a consultation. On receiving your enquiry, we will call you back and set up an appointment with you at the site to have a clear understanding of your requirements. During the meeting, our expert interior designers will also indicate our recommendations as to how the interior could be developed to match with your specific needs. After developing the concept and taking measurements, we will create floor plans, both 2D and 3D, to give you a clear idea of how the home or office will look once the interior is done.

Finally, we will provide you with a competitive cost estimate after assessing the on-site situation. The package will inclusive of our interior design consulting fee and measurement, floor planning, and implementation costs. In addition, our consulting service includes the following:

Providing individual furnishing and paint colour suggestions Meeting craftspeople Obtaining quotes and compiling detailed offers, if required Sourcing furniture and fittings, as required Art placement suggestions Suggesting what sizes and types of items you should shop for (including furniture, fabrics, window treatments, rugs, accessories, lighting, plants, and art) Providing Internet and local sources for all of the items, as required This is not an exclusive list of aspects that form part of our interior consulting service. This is only an indicative list. In fact, the scope of our consulting service could be decided through mutual discussions and rates worked out to suit your specific requirements and budget.

At Gazella, our interior consulting service covers both residential and commercial spaces. As per your requirement, we can source furniture, fittings, and fabrics both locally and from international collections. Colour schemes (both exterior and interior), curtains and other soft furnishings, floor coverings and furniture, kitchen and bathroom designs are carried out by our interior design experts in consultation with you. We always focus on making your home or office interior space, not just beautiful but also extremely functional.

Interior design consulting is the best-suited option for you if you are the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type but want a little bit of input from expert interior designers. People who have set apart a modest budget for interior design work, but are looking for a professional service provider, will find our consulting service to be very helpful. Whatever be your reason, working with Gazella will ensure that you are headed in the right direction.